Theatre of the “Everyday”

Plaza view from Jalan Petaling

This project seeks to embrace mundane nature amidst ordinary settings of everyday life. It aims to investigate how architectural space can embrace life’s complications in an urbanised, developed, congested and primarily commercial area of Petaling Street, driven by human routine. 

The building subtly responds to the context by considering the street activity each respective elevation faces. The façade is pure and quiet in its presence, but behind it is an organic arrangement of spaces.

Sectional perspective

The entire building skin is explored to respond similarly to the main elevation facing the public square. It embodies the image of a curtain, unveiled at certain strategic positions to become an interactive play between the people on the street and those within the building—an enigmatic show at night and a quiet backdrop during the day.

Each façade embodies the image of a theatrical display differently, depending on the context it faces—it could be a playful peep/hiding relationship between what happens on the street and what happens in the building.

Project Name
Theatre of the “Everyday”
Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Site Area
1.39 acres
Gross Floor Area
18,200 square metres
Natalie Ki Xiao Xuan
Taylor’s School of Architecture, Building and Design
Master of Architecture
Ahmad Nazmi Mohamed Anuar
Natalie Ki Xiao Xuan

This is an excerpt. The original article is published in Construction+ Q3 2022 Issue: Urban Development.
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