Taman Rasuna Kuningan

Taman Rasuna Apartment is one of the most well-known residences in Kuningan area, South Jakarta. First built in 1997, Taman Rasuna consists of 13 towers and 3,500 units.  Located very close to Kuningan business district and entertainment area makes Taman Rasuna highly accessible and convenient for its residents. Taman Rasuna is also equipped by complete facilities, such as beautiful gardens, jogging tracks, swimming pool, basketball field, tennis field, and kid’s playground.

Jotun Indonesia is humbled to become part of its repainting maintenance project in 2019. The product used for the repainting project was Jotashield Flex, Jotun’s premium elastomeric exterior paint that is especially formulated to cover and prevent hairline cracks as well as providing waterproofing protection. Thanks to Jotun Pigment Technology and the careful selection of hi-grade colourants, Jotashield Flex has two times UV Protected colours that last longer than other paints. Jotashield Flex gracefully blends beauty and technology, making it a complete protection with absolute style. A beauty that protects.

– Construction+ Online