Five Ways QS Can Work Smarter with BuildSpace Pro

Work efficiently in cloud, from anywhere, at any time!

Five work processes you can perform better in BuildSpace Pro:

BuildSpace Pro supports multi-party collaboration to work on the same BQ in single platform, login through a web browser to work on anytime, anywhere. no installation required. With the use of technology of cloud, your project data is at your fingertips with no hassles of maintaining on-premise server and minimize the risk of data loss due to the downtime of the infrastructure.

BuildSpace Pro acts as a centralised cost data repository to manage and organise suppliers’ quotations, material prices, build-up rates and standard BQ descriptions and templates. With powerful analytic tools built-in, the project data is more dynamic and to be translated to real-time report for your informed decision making.

BuildSpace Pro provides a faster and easier way to compare tender submission with NO formulae setting up in Excel sheets required. To ensure the consistency of rates submitted by the tenderers are justified and reasonable, QS can use of Historical Rates stored in BuildSpace Pro to act as second baseline to compare tender rates more objectively.

BuildSpace Pro allows the QS to go further! All the preparation of progress claim certificates, Variation Order linked to Contract BQ items, upload substantiating documents, update remeasurement quantities and even consolidating the progress payment statuses.

BuildSpace Pro ensures the reliability of cash flow projection and project Gantt Chart by linking the activities to the BQ items and at the same time, analysing  project quantity and cost components distribution in a project.

BuildSpace Pro will improve Quantity Surveyors’ productivity and efficiency through the following powerful key features :-

Bill of Quantities

  • BQ Description Library
  • Multiple BQ Type
  • Measurement
  • BQ printing, formatting and export

Cost Estimating

  • Pricing and Build-Up Rates
  • Cost Data Library for Schedule of Rates and Material Prices
  • Request for Quotation and supplier management

Cost Planning

  • Project Cost Analysis for Material, Cost Component and Elemental
  • BQ-based Project Cash Flow S-Curve

Tender Comparison

  • Tender Rates Comparison and Reporting

Contract Management

  • Progress Claim Update
  • Payment Certificate Preparation and Management
  • Variation Order Claim Update and Supporting Document Management
  • Quantity Remeasurement
  • Project Gantt Chart Preparation
  • Project Financial Reporting

– Construction+ Online

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