Six reasons why you need to upgrade your printer NOW

Do you need to declutter? Do you prioritise security in your business operations, or plan to expand your business?

If you’re an architect, the answer could be in the design of functional spaces, where the selection of appropriate appliances is important.

If you’re an IT manager, effective business planning with upgraded technology could be one way to increase productivity.

Achieving these could be made easier by choosing the right large-format printing technology.

  1. You require more focus at work

It’s your choice to regain control of your time and space, and prioritise both practicality and aesthetics. Along with an advanced workstation, a compact, more powerful printer creates a tidier, more spacious work area for a sustained focus.

  1. You need technology that offers convenience and speed

Multifunction printers are adept at printing, scanning, copying and file archiving. The ideal all-in-one printer is suitable for businesses where office space is a premium. This printer would be able to handle tasks efficiently that would otherwise require three or more separate units.

  1. You want maximum security

Studies have shown significant printer security risk with data exposure through network-connected printing equipment. It is important to limit access to confidential documents with secure user authentication features, especially in co-working spaces where shared facilities such as printers must be able to safeguard your personal data from unauthorised access, malware, cybercrime, etc.

  1. You perform with high productivity

As an architect/engineer/designer, choosing the right printer will not only allow you to stay productive but also grow your business. Imagine printing large-format drawings, schematics, renderings and presentations with great ease, speed and quality. You would also want to scan drawings, satellite and aerial photos, maps, etc., with high-resolution image and line quality.

  1. Work-from-home ready

We all have learned from the COVID-19 outbreak that flexibility is key to business resiliency. With a compact and multifunction printer that allows print jobs to be shared via cloud servers, remote working can be made convenient.

  1. Upsizing possibility

If budget is a concern, think of it as an investment. With specially designed workflow tools to offer a more streamlined process, the upgrade can be offset with a contractual offering where it is customised to your printing usage and requirements.

Now the question is, which printer can do all the above?
HP Large-Format Design offers a wide range of solutions from compact to high productivity printers to fit your upgrade requirement. Consider the HP DesignJet T2600 Multifunction series, a printer that provides a seamless experience with high performance.

With this printer, you can:

  • Collaborate using the smart 15.6-inch interface
  • Speed up the printing process with HP Click, with a printing speed of up to 180 A1/hour
  • Obtain precise line drafts with a high accuracy, fine details or bold-coloured 3D renders
  • Digitise your projects with automated scanning, user-centric quicksets and post-editing capabilities
  • Print/share jobs easily using mobile devices and HP Smart app
  • Control access to the printer with secure user authentication features
  • Fit it in your workplace with the compact 36-inch all-in-one printer

Here’s more reasons on why you should upgrade your printer. Read about how you can reduce architectural project delays through precision printing of technical architectural drawings. Download the article here.

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