MAZZO Restaurant

Mazzo is a living-room restaurant that was created in response to the growing demand for a relaxing dining environment, where patrons can eat, drink, work and socialise. IQ Creative owner Bert Van Der Leden identified the Rozengracht—a street in the heart of Jordaan, Amsterdam, Netherlands—as the ideal location for a similar casual concept. Even though Jordaan is well known for its cosy cafés and restaurants, it lacked a modern spot where the young and old can lounge around until late at night. The opening of Mazzo brought a sense of homey comfort and enriched the city.

The theme of the design concept is Prominent Through Interlocking, which will connect various sections by using different materials and levels of floors to differentiate the spaces and satisfy customers’ demands for distinctive dining experiences from early breakfast to late-night suppers. It creates a charming locale along Jalan Tun Razak for patrons to enjoy a comfortable meal.

Bricks and concrete will be used for the walls, flooring and ceiling finishing, hardwood timber for flooring, as well as white painting and white bricks for certain wall finishing. All materials are sourced from Malaysia due to its ease of procurement and in order to maintain the original style of the Mazzo restaurant, which has deep Italian roots. The restaurant has a strong concept and design style for every branch, hence similar materials were chosen for this proposal to consolidate the interlocking design concept.

The challenge was to create an open-concept restaurant and overcome the constraint of having 20 columns inside. The columns were incorporated into the design by using elegant materials to decorate and enhance them. Surrounding materials will be used to reflect light off the columns, making them invisible and isolated from the others.

Student Name: Lim Ming Zheng
School: The One Academy of Communication Design
Project Name: Mazzo Restaurant
Location: Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Images/Photos: Lim Ming Zheng

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