Lloyd’s Register

The design brief for Lloyds’ Register in Platinum Park, Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC), was to be an open and transparent activity-based workplace. With diverse space settings that are multifunctional and able to support various tasks delivered by a diverse business, it aims to reflect an egalitarian approach whereby space and technology are allocated according to function. The client wanted an office environment that is adaptable to change over time, as well as one that has a culture of face-to-face interactions and informal spontaneous meetings.

Awarded by Savills in December 2015, the completed office provides a flexible solution to the wide-ranging businesses falling under the company’s umbrella. Accommodation solutions have been provided in the office to create an agile environment for 122 desk positions on a non-territorial basis. This includes a number of workstations that are either bench-style, 120-degree or sit-stand, which are in parallel with a variety of collaborative spaces.

Having moved from a cellularised to an open-plan office environment, privacy is reflected in the placing of focus rooms, team rooms and phone booths within the back office area. The front office area provides a highly interactive solution to Lloyds’ staff and customers alike. Comprising a blue travertine floor, it gives the impression of an efficient yet elegant reception with an attention to detail and quality. This is then extended through a series of meeting room configurations across four rooms that provide 30 seats in a double-glazed environment with high levels of acoustic privacy (STC 38). The main meeting room accommodating 16 persons is fitted out with an 82-inch flat screen and is partitioned adjacent to the staff café/social hub via a glazed operable wall, which allows for the opening up of the area for events. The adjacent café provides seating for 40 persons through a combination of bench and circular table options—all with views of the KLCC skyline.

Located on a high level, daylight penetration into the office has also been maximised. Efforts were made to source for locally sustainable products from Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries—80 percent of the materials and resources used for the project were locally sourced. They were cost effective and had a shorter lead time up to the point of delivery, thereby reducing environmental impact.


Project Name: Lloyd’s Register
Location: Level 28, Naza Tower, Platinum Park, Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC), Malaysia
Completion Date: March 2016
Site Area: 14,604 square feet
Client/Owner: Lloyd’s Register of Shipping (M) Bhd
Interior Design Firm: SW1 Solutions Sdn Bhd
Main Contractor: ISG Asia (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
Mechanical & Electrical Engineer: MCE Consulting Sdn Bhd
Suppliers: Technigroup; JEB; Milliken
Images/Photos: Shea Studio Sdn Bhd


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