Lee Residence

This double-storey semi-detached house in Penang was given a make-over to increase practical spaces without neglecting timeless aesthetics.

The design brief included a spacious open-concept dry kitchen with a separate wet kitchen, a working space, a family area upstairs for the kids to have their own entertainment, two kids’ rooms that could accommodate king-sized beds and attached bathrooms, a master bedroom with a big walk-in-closet and an ensuite that could fit a round Jacuzzi, a balcony for evening lounges, and also a dry yard. Full use of space with low-maintenance finishes were essential as the owner wanted house cleaning to be kept minimal.

Space was definitely a constraint, and the designers had to change the layout of the whole ground floor, including relocating the existing bathrooms and fully extending the total floor area. The existing ground floor bathroom was converted into an open concept dry kitchen, with an island countertop for extra space.

The existing narrow staircase was expanded and fitted out with Burmese teak hardwood. The existing side balcony on the first floor was replaced by a workspace, and both of the kids’ bedrooms were fully extended to include an attached bathroom each. Time was also a key factor as the owner wanted to relocate back from Sabah before his children’s school term began.

Eco-materials were also used in the renovations, from the laminates that carry the Green Label for low-toxic emissions, to the use of inverter technology in electrical appliances, energy-saving LED lighting, and paint with low volatile organic substances.

Project Name: Lee Residence
Location: Taman Selayang Indah, Sungai Puyu, Butterworth, Penang
Completion Date: 1 Jan 2016
Client/Owner: Albert Lee
Gross Floor Area: 570 square metres
Number of Rooms: 6
Interior Design Firm: JGiConcept Design
Image: JGiConcept Design

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