Hope, The Infertility Care

This student project is about building a place that provides holistic emotional, mental and physical treatment and care for women struggling with infertility, surrogates and new mothers.

The space and programme are designed to provide a supportive home environment for women who are hoping to have a baby, as well as to build a strong connection between mothers and babies.

The constraints of the site are the existing columns and beams, which required some out-of-the-box thinking to create the desired environment. The space design plays on the relationship between voids, layers and nature.

Voids are used to build up different layers of height to create a sense of space. Circles and curvy shapes create negative space and help express a sense of emotion, motion, harmony and connectivity. The circular spaces are mirrored in the customised lights and ceiling structures, held up by round support structures.

Courtyards on the ground and mezzanine floors bring nature indoors as therapeutic gardens. Reception, shops, lounge and F&B areas are located on the ground floor, while specific rooms are designed for infertility and surrogate consultation, treatment and recovery, as well as for baby care.

For a relaxing ambience, the interiors are fitted mostly with wood and glass, while concrete and metals are used for a sense of solidity amid the smooth edges and curves. Indoor plants and landscaping are one of the key features in the design. The glass façade and skylights allow ample natural lighting and contribute towards a positive energy.

Student Name: Yang Wen Wei
School: Taylor’s Lakeside University
Programme: Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Interior Architecture
Lecturer: Ar Qhawarizmi Norhisham
Project Name: Hope, The Infertility Care
Location: Glenmarie Furniture Street, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia
Site Area: 30,000 square feet
Building Height: 4 storeys; 128.3 metres
Images: Yang Wen Wei وان ایکس بت بت فوروارد