GMO Skyfarm

As a response to climate change’s impact on agriculture, GMO Skyfarm 2050 aims to accommodate research and development programmes such as gene-editing of crops and indoor urban farming.

The demand in crops is expected to rise until 2050. With the scenarios of land scarcity, unpredictable weather and low crop yields, food security in the future is a concern. Agriculture technology will help to tackle this problem, as well as to reduce carbon footprint and mitigate climate change. Thus, this project aims to support genetically modified food production by using urban indoor farming methods.

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Student Name
Nurul Nurhana Md Daut
Faculty of Architecture, Planning & Surveying, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Selangor, Malaysia
Master of Architecture
Puteri Mayang Bahjah Zaharin
Project Name
GMO Skyfarm 2050: A Celebration of (Modified) Agriculture
Project Year
September 2018
Johor Bahru
Site Area
13,152.28 square metres
Gross Floor Area
88,645 square metres
Building Height
24 storeys; 126 metres
Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), United Nations
Nurul Nurhana Md Daut