Future Nostalgia

Isometric view of the Breathing Block-chain

Kampung Baru was a land gifted by the King for agriculture which remains an important sector of Malaysia’s economy. The settlement is no stranger to urban farming as the agricultural culture has adapted to modernity throughout the years. On the other hand, magnates have been capitalising the industry and taking massive profits from the farmers. 

The Future Nostalgia project aims to ‘level up’ farmers, elevate the profession and establish a structured framework for agriculture through cryptocurrency in Kampung Baru. It presents to reevaluate the settlers’ activities and bring forth the nostalgic essences of Kampung that thrives on the spirit of community.

The concept of this building is ‘Let’s grow Coins on Plants’, which means the community will get coins in return from everything that grows. All programmes are designed to introduce the community to cryptocurrency and reconsider agricultural commodities as a potential economy, encouraging inhabitants to move forward with modernity without forgetting their roots and origin in agriculture.

Cryptocurrency has taken the landscape of banking by storm. In this project, the application of blockchain system could improve security, management and transparency of transactions in the agricultural system. Among them, the most significant benefit is that the profits from selling crops to customers at reasonable prices will go straight to the farmers. It can enhance the incentives of the settlers and other people in the community to participate in urban farming and promote Green economy. 

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Project Name
Future Nostalgia: Breathing Block-chain, Regeneration of Farmers Economy through Cryptocurrency
Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Site Area
11,735.88 square metres
Gross Floor Area
33,577.38 square metres
Number of Rooms
145 rooms
Building Height
25 storeys; 160 metres
Student Name
Puteri Elina Binti Khir Annuar
Universiti Teknologi MARA, Centre of Studies for Architecture
Master of Architecture
Ar. Puteri Mayang Bahjah Binti Zaharin; Sharifah Asmah Binti Tuan Mat; Associate Professor Josmin Bin Yahya
Puteri Elina Binti Khir Annuar وان ایکس بت بت فوروارد