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F Residence

This is a residential project that seeks to allow the dwellers to reconnect with nature and stay productive. This idea was realised in the architecture by combining a studio and a house in a framed concrete structure with large openings, a small courtyard and a pond. Each level of the three-storey building is allocated for different functions. The ground floor is designated for work as an office; the first floor for living with bedrooms, a kitchen and dining area; and the second floor for relaxation.

Reflecting Japanese aesthetics, the interior design emphasises simplicity. Inside and out, the texture and formwork markings of the structure’s concrete have been left exposed.

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Project Name
F Residence
Hyogo, Japan
Completion Date
August 2018
Site Area
105.16 square metres
Gross Floor Area
155.35 square metres
Architecture Firm
Principal Architect
Go Fujita
Akiyoshi Fukuzawa; Nacasa & Partners