Colony @ KLCC

Shared office spaces are no longer just cubicles and desks for rent, as Colony Space Asia demonstrates with its serviced office concept. Its first offering, Colony @ KLCC, seeks to create a sophisticated environment that meets both the lifestyle and working needs of millennials and small companies.

Apart from renting a desk or private office in the central business district, tenants can enjoy a lounge area, a café, dedicated nap rooms, a massage room, a lactation room, a play area for kids, meeting rooms, as well as access to a rooftop gym and swimming pool with a panoramic view of the city centre.

Stepping into Colony @ KLCC, you would be forgiven for thinking you are at a five-star hotel. The 1,600-square-metre office space at Vipod Business Centre has been transformed into a modern and luxurious environment with a classy Gentleman’s Club vibe. Wall-to-ceiling glass windows on both ends brighten up the entire interior.

One side of the double volume lobby area sports a sleek black café bar, juxtaposed against open-faced brick walls and wooden bookcases. Modern lighting fixtures contrast with a vintage-looking wall clock. On the other side, a large framed mirror stands out against a grey industrial-like backdrop, with a discrete reception counter and a staircase leading up to three meeting rooms.

Straight ahead, a striking black-and-white checkerboard marble floor leads down a long brightly lit corridor, flanked by office suites, gold-framed monochrome art works and wooden bookshelves.

The office suites range from 84 square feet (two seater) to 200 square feet (six seater), with a total of 50 rooms that can be customised by tenants according to their needs. For those who like to roam, there are open ‘hot desks’ in the spacious co-working area and various inviting lounges to choose from.

For some shut-eye, there is even a beach-themed nap room complete with a hammock, dark grey walls and low lighting.

The main event space is another highlight with its high ceiling and full-length windows. This exclusive area can be rearranged and used for various private functions.

Co-founders Timothy Tiah and Audrey Ooi worked closely with Hoe & Yin Design Studio to create a space that was classy, not clichéd. All materials were procured locally due to the limited timeline, and the furnishing was carefully selected to create the right setting that was both functional and eye-catching.

As the site is situated in a mixed residential and commercial building, limited renovation hours were a challenge as the office space was still in use. Budget allocation was another issue as, along with the overall space transformation, the air-conditioning system had to be upgraded and the office chairs replaced.

Project Name: Colony @ KLCC
Location: Vipod Business Suites, Jalan Kia Peng, Kuala Lumpur
Completion Date: July 2017
Gross Floor Area: 1,600 square metres
Building Height: 2 storeys
Owner: Colony Space Asia
Interior Design Firm: Hoe & Yin Design Studio
Principal Designer: Ar Katrine Cheong
Interior Fit-Out Contractor: Hoe & Yin Design Studio
Images: Carol Yong وان ایکس بت بت فوروارد