Building Green with Taiwanese Designs

Kuala Lumpur, 6 June 2022 — Environmental Awareness continues to rise as a trending topic in the global markets. This extends to even the construction industry, with companies looking for efficient and environmentally friendly options. With the intense focus on this topic, Taiwan’s building materials industry has pushed the envelope to develop more green-minded products.  

To showcase some of Taiwan’s top building material brands and their ground-breaking advances, “Taiwan Excellence” – the symbol of the most innovative Taiwanese products– will be showcasing 10 award-winning brands during Archidex 2022 from June 29th-July 2nd with the theme “Modern Living Redefined”. The pavilion will feature 10 award-winning brands encompassing smart technologies, renovation materials, home and commercial solutions.

We had the privilege of sitting down and talking to 2 of the brands being showcased, to give our readers a first-hand glimpse of what the exhibition will offer.

The first company we talked to was Hua Tsai Paints, experts in producing water-based, zero-formaldehyde, low-carbon, energy-saving, multi-functional stone-like coatings and other series of waterproof inorganic materials branded as Medusa.

Johnson Chen, General manager of Hua Tsai Paints, introduced i-WaterProof, the first plant-based inorganic liquid waterproof material developed in Taiwan. It can easily be added to cement and concrete mixture to provide a waterproof effect, like preventing “wall cancer” caused by water absorption, avoiding efflorescence and more. 

The method used to achieve waterproofness is based on ancient wisdom, said Chen. Back in the day, ancestors would mix glutinous rice water, mud and sand with plant extracts to solve the problem. Using this concept, Hua Tsai uses the plant extract technique to innovate a formaldehyde-free, non-toxic, eco-friendly waterproof formula. This formula is not only environmentally friendly, but it also helps save up to 50 per cent of time and work compared to the traditional constructing procedure. 

“The Malaysian market is vital to us. Malaysia is a rainy and high-temperature country, similar to Taiwan’s summer season. Utilizing the experience, our thermal insulation and waterproof composite materials are very suitable for local applications to effectively solve the local humid and high-temperature environment. Building the best green buildings,” said Chen.  

At present, Hua Tsai exports to a few Southeast Asia countries with similar weather conditions, such as Singapore and Cambodia. They have worked with well-known Taiwanese builders for many years and currently looking to collaborate with local suppliers to expand their markets. 

The second company we met is TRONCO, a professional manufacturer producing automatic entrance systems and solutions. They have been involved in the metal engineering arena for over 20 years and are recognized as one of the leading specialists in high-efficiency brushless DC motor applications. 

Their SW30 Automatic Swing Door System is one of the highlights. The product incorporates microprocessor servo controllers that benefit from precision door position control and smooth, noise-free operation. As a green-minded electric system, the SW30 Automatic Swing Door System uses high-efficiency power supply units (PSU) with a standby power consumption of just 0.5W, offering superior energy and a cost-effective automatic door solution. The system is also user-friendly, with only five knobs to completely set up the system. After set up, users can easily connect to WiFi and Bluetooth for easy installation and maintenance. 

David Weng, General Manager of TRONCO, also brought up that safety features are the top priority of TRONCO product development. For example, with the built-in obstruction detection feature, a light touch on the doors during shutting action activates an instant safety measure that pulls the doors open and avoids physical hazards. SW30 Series intelligent automatic swing door system also supports a wide variety of peripheral safety devices and access control systems to make up a higher-grade intelligent safety solution where customers see fit.

Currently, as part of TRONCO’s mission to expand into foreign markets, they are on the lookout for knowledgeable partners able to deliver their products to a broader clientele, particularly in the Malaysian market.

These are only 2 of the companies that’ll be present during Archidex, so join us from June 29th to July 2nd to find out more about the exciting line-up of companies and their new products! 

If you are not able to attend the exhibition in person, there are 2 online product launches, respectively, on June 30th and July 1st. For more information and to register, click here to sign up. وان ایکس بت بت فوروارد