Water Supplies Department in Hong Kong and Water Authority of Shenzhen Municipality to Set Up Joint Working Group

World Water Day, celebrated on 22 March 2023, urged all to accelerate change in solving the water and sanitation crisis. In line with that, it is vital that decision-makers formulate and implement water policies that are sustainable.


Both Hong Kong and Shenzhen have been maintaining close communication in water supply matters and work as Dongjiang (one of the three tributaries of the Pearl River) water is a resource shared by both regions.

As such, a Joint Working Group on Water Development will be established to explore the development and application of water management, following a meeting between Director of Water Supplies, Tony Yau with Director-General of Water Authority of Shenzhen Municipality, Hu Jiadong on 14 March 2023 at Shenzhen. The visit also facilitated an exchange of views on smart water management, diversification of water resources development and water quality safety management, in addition to exploring concurrent development and co-operation initiatives between Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

It is hoped that the Joint Working Group will foster continual optimisation of water efficiency in the long run. —Construction+ Online

Source: The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region