Refurbished HKHS Exhibition Centre Offers Enhanced Visitor Experience through Innovative Installations

The refurbished exhibition centre features thematic zones with engaging displays; image by Hong Kong Housing Society

The Hong Kong Housing Society (HKHS) Exhibition Centre was reopened in March 2024 after undergoing extensive refurbishment works. It now comprises thematic zones that integrate multimedia installations with collections of historical items.

The centre aims to facilitate public understanding of local housing development and the role of HKHS as a ‘housing laboratory’.

Engaging displays present insights into housing projects developed across different eras—covering rental estates; subsidised sale housing; full market value developments; and elderly housing. For example, an immersive LED dome of 1.35 metres in diameter, which features the use of virtual reality, was designed to enable visitors to experience various elderly housing firsthand. Educational games, together with naked-eye 3D effects, complement the showcase of how innovative technologies, such as modular integrated construction (MiC) and building information modelling (BIM), are applied by HKHS towards achieving sustainable development.

Educational games complement the showcase of innovative construction solutions; image by Hong Kong Housing Society

Spanning an area of about 200 square metres at Prosperous Garden in Yau Mai Tei, the exhibition centre has a multipurpose space to enhance knowledge exchange among young people and foster community connections. To this end, initiatives such as regular thematic programmes are to be held at the venue. For details, please refer to the centre’s website.

HKHS is an independent, non-governmental and not-for-profit organisation set up in 1948. Committed to addressing housing needs of the people, it brought forth Hong Kong’s first rental housing estate in 1952, among other milestones. —Construction+ Online

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