Tencent Innovation City

Office blocks and commercial facilities

Winner | Hong Kong | BCI Asia Top 10 Architects 2018

The project is aimed to design The Tencent Innovation City in Xian as a place where creative people, start-uppers, innovators and investors will gather, collaborate and exchange ideas.

The total area of the development project concerned is about 1 million square meters. Philippe Rondeau Architects, Limited as the principal architecture firm in the project has already created a very large urban Central Park where office blocks as high as 10 floors will be located in conjunction with additional low-rise buildings and commercial facilities at its heart. Part of the project also involves residential compounds that are intended to accommodate approx. 25000 members of staff working at The Tencent Innovation City.

As far as the design of the master plan is concerned, they have kept the existing layout of the roads and plots in order to keep the scale of the neighbourhood.

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Project Name
Tencent Innovation City
Xi’an – China
Status of Construction
Under Design
Site Area
Gross Floor Area
Building Height
30F, 140 m
Number of Rooms/Units
7000 units
Architecture Firm
Philippe Rondeau Architects, Limited
Principal Architect
Philippe Rondeau
Philippe Rondeau Architects, Limited