“C-Ray Valley” Office

Situated at the crossroads of GuDun road and ShenHua road, the project site is the last virgin land in the district, with neighborhood Zhejiang University Zijingang Campus (to the west), Xia Long Wei Line 2 metro station (to the northeast) and surrounding traditional office and residential slab blocks. Under the building height limit of 60m, the original brief looked for two office towers to be separately owned by Vanke and West Lake Investment in this joint-venture development, targeting a diversified market, ranging from Grade-A corporate headquarters, middle-sized enterprises, tech start-ups and individual co-workers who freshly graduated from the nearby universities.

Inspired by the brief and context, the design started by researching the co-existing relations between academic, business and communal sectors with an aim of trying to introduce a ground for knowledge exchange, communal dialogue and showcase platform. Ultimately, the office complex integrates not only work efficiency but also creativity, experimentation, collaboration and social responsibilities.

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Project Name
“C-Ray Valley” Office
ShenHua Road/ GuDun Road, West Lake District, Hangzhou
Hangzhou Vanke, West Lake Investment
Client Team
Fang HaiFeng, Yong YuJie, Song JiaJing
Lead Architect
AaaM Architects
Directors in Charge
Bob Pang, Shuyan Chan, Kevin Siu
Design Team (Concept Stage)
Kenji Lam, Charlotte Law, Francis Man, Sherman Sun, Fion Chan
Design Team (Design Development Stage)
Charlotte Law, JiaJian Tang, Ruth Poon, Victoria Dong, Lum Cheng, Jesse Ma, Brandon Kau, Claire Tam
Local Design Institute
China United Engineering Corporation (CUC)
Local Design Institute Team
Li ChunLi, Li XueChao, Wu MinYing, Zhou Nan
Design Year
2017 – 2019
Expected Completion
Site Area
Approx. 9,000 sqm
Gross Floor Area
Approx. 36,000 sqm
Office/ Retail/ Above-ground Public Mechanical Parking
Building Height
Max. 60m