Mui Wo in Metropolis

Resilient landscape strategies for coastal community responding to SLR and development uncertainty


There has been the construction of large-scale government-led projects in recent years. Projects include the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and the Hong Kong International Airport three-runway system and the development of Lantau island has once again become the focus. With its strategic location, Lantau island will strengthen Hong Kong’s “double gateway” position and takes Hong Kong into the future “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area,” a developing multi-integration strategy for the Pearl River Delta region under the China’s “Belt and Road” scheme. The cooperation and interconnection within the specific area are significantly accelerated.

Under this context, “East Lantau Metropolis” was introduced in 2014 by the Hong Kong government, suggesting more than 1700 hectares of land should reclaim for accommodating more population and enhance economic development. Four to five supporting bridges and tunnels constructions to connect East Lantau Metropolis with Lantau Island and Hong Kong Island. According to the government’s city planning, Mui Wo will become one of the new connection points and redevelop the ‘underutilized land’ in Mui Wo to accommodate more population. The HK government plan to begin the construction in 2025 and estimate the first group of residents to move in by…more

Project Name
Mui Wo in Metropolis
Mui Wo, Lantau island, Hong Kong
Site Area
241 hectares
Zhou Yifan, Mia