Shajing Oyster Community Water Infrastructure

Global warming results rise in sea level, and an intensify extreme climates such as typhoons and storms. The climate change can bring threats to water infrastructure system, and affect people’s daily living. In China, the Pearl River Delta area (PRD), estimated the sea level to rise 0.5 meter in 2050, and further 2meters in 2100.

Shajing Oyster farming has a long history in Bao’an District since the Song dynasty. Traditionally, Shajing oyster farming has two culture techniques, including bottom cultured in the upper intertidal zone, and raft cultured utilised in the subtidal region. The oyster farming land originally belonged to the fisherman. However, due to land reformation process, the Shajing oyster production declined drastically and forced by the stakeholder to relocate to Lau Fau Shan, Hong Kong, to continue the oyster farming business or closed down the shellfish industry.

The second development of oyster farming started from the cooperative movement back in 1965. It was formed by oyster farmer association, and used longline technology from Japan. However, the industrial development polluted the oyster farmland, and the Shajing oyster farming industry forced to relocate, including Taishan, Huidong, and… more


Project Name
Shajing Oyster Community Acting as Water Infrastructure
Shen Zhen
Site Area
75 kilo metres
Gross Floor Area
75 kilo metres
Building Height
20 metres
Number of rooms/units
25,000 units created above the water
Oyster Farmer
Student Name
Jenny, Liu Yijun
Jenny, Liu Yijun