Considerate Contractors Site Award Scheme Recognises Exemplary Construction Safety Performance

Opening Speech by Ir Lam Sai-hung

Hong Kong, 6 August 2021 — With the support from the industry stakeholders, the Construction Safety Week (CSW) 2021—27th Considerate Contractors Site Award Scheme (CCSAS) Award Presentation Ceremony was successfully held at the Kowloonbay International Trade and Exhibition Centre (KITEC).

The Development Bureau and the Construction Industry Council (CIC) co-organise the CSW 2021 with a view to enhancing the awareness of the industry stakeholders on construction safety, encouraging the industry to adopt innovative technologies and working together in creating a working environment with “zero accidents”.  In particular, the focus of CSW 2021 is on the “lifting operation safety.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Permanent Secretary for Development (Works), Ir Lam Sai-hung, said that innovation and technology will be the key to prosperous development of the construction industry. Industry stakeholders were urged to make good use of innovation and technology and adopt a multi-pronged approach to enhance site safety, with a view to achieving the goal of “zero accidents” in construction sites.

Also officiating at the ceremony, the Chairman of the Construction Industry Council (CIC), Mr Chan Ka-kui, pointed out that site safety is the responsibility of all site personnel. The CIC will continue to provide support to the industry in applying innovation and technology in site operations.

A total of 55 sites received awards under the CCSAS this year, with 29 from the public works category and 26 from the non-public works category. There are several award categories under the CCSAS, including the Considerate Contractors Site Awards, the Outstanding Environmental Management and Performance Awards and the Model Subcontractor Awards. To recognise the outstanding achievements of frontline workers and supervisors in promoting construction safety, the Model Works Awards and the Best Model Worker Award, the Model Frontline Supervisor Awards and the Best Model Frontline Supervisor, the Model Subcontractor Frontline Supervisors and the Best Model Subcontractor Frontline Supervisor Award were also presented.

The list of awardees of the Scheme will be available at the Construction Safety Week’s website. — Construction+ Online