Innovation Hub Launched to Catalyse Collaboration and Training

Image by BCA

The Building and Construction Authority’s (BCA) Braddell Campus has been repositioned as the Built Environment Innovation Hub (BEIH) to bring forth a collaborative platform to connect solution providers while facilitating skills transfer. Prior to the unveiling on 26 October 2023, the campus underwent refurbishment works spanning years, comprising the recent completion of a seven-storey zero energy building and a 16-storey super low energy building.

BEIH serves as a test-bed for a ‘living laboratory’ concept for research collaborators to refine BE solutions in a real-world environment. One such joint experiment is being carried out by BCA; National University of Singapore (NUS); Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT); Kajima Corporation; and Surbana Jurong, which aims to reduce cooling energy consumption in office spaces via a mixed-mode ventilation system.

The premises are also the venue of a series of technology exchange sessions organised in line with the refreshed Built Environment Industry Transformation Map (BE ITM), with turnout exceeding 300 participants over four events that began in October 2022.

BCA Academy, as part of BEIH, will be rolling out five SkillsFuture Career Transition Programmes (SCTPs)—covering digital delivery; sustainable design; computational design; smart and sustainable facility management; and integrated project management delivery—in efforts to increase the pool of mid-career entrants in the sector. The academy is also in the midst of developing an AI-driven, mixed-reality experiential learning platform to offer more immersive training in lift maintenance, pipe fitting and plumbing. —Construction+ Online

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