The Weave

The project seeks to introduce a new retail experience located within Gilman Barracks. Drawing inspiration from the surrounding social and cultural influences, the proposal is to design a retail space devoted to celebrating Thai arts and crafts. The traditional Thai silk fabric used in the design will provide a modern twist within the retail space. It provides a sensory experience and evokes a deeper appreciation for the art.

The project uses the existing structure of the shophouse and pays respect to it by leaving the floor as an open plan—only the structure is repainted to match with the scheme of the design. Colours receive the most care and become the driving force behind the spatial design manifestation. Fabric is utilised as finishes to walls and colourful partitions. These are not just seen as products on display but rather become part of the space itself.

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Student Name
Marie Dorothea Oei Hui Yu
Singapore Polytechnic, School of Architecture & The Built Environment
Diploma in Interior Design
Interior Design Studio 2 Teaching Team
Project Name
The Weave
Project Year      
September 2019
Gilman Barracks, Singapore
Building Height
2 storeys
Marie Dorothea Oei Hui Yu وان ایکس بت بت فوروارد