New tool introduced on BCA website for home buyers to compare building quality scores

On 19 September, the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) launched a new function called “Search for Quality Housing” on its website. Users can search through a database that compiles the building quality scores of developers and contractors, and their projects, allowing home buyers to compare workmanship quality performance and make more informed decisions on potential purchases.

Scores are based on the Construction Quality Assessment System (CONQUAS)—which was designed to assess the quality of workmanship in structural, architectural, mechanical and electrical works through sampling—and the BCA Quality Mark (QM) scheme, which covers assessment of internal finishes in every newly completed unit in a housing development.

National Development Minister Lawrence Wong said in a blog post on 19 September that this new search tool would be helpful for people who are looking to buy units of uncompleted projects, as they have to make assessments based on show units and floor plans. Buyers can compare scores of specific developers and contractors, based on their previous projects, and also see how they fare against the industry average.

Wong also encouraged all developers to publish the CONQUAS and Quality Mark scores from previous projects in their sales documents. “For greater transparency, those with no previous experience and no previous CONQUAS or Quality Mark scores should make this known explicitly in their documents,” he added. — Construction+ Online