LeBond by Beblu

Front view of the LeBond building

LeBond has been positioned as Singapore’s first artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled green building in the city fringe: the refurbished 11-storey B1 industrial building seeks to offer smart and sustainable workspaces to promote collaboration, innovation and eco-sensitivity among like-minded individuals.

To put an end to labour-intensive and time-consuming ways of conventional building management, AI technology has been extensively applied in LeBond to effectively streamline building operations and enhance tenants’ working lives. Proprietary AI sensors that can collate and track energy consumption of the building in real time are installed, together with smart lighting and temperature controls. The energy consumption data can contribute to developing timely recommendations to reduce overall energy use and predictive building maintenance, effectively lowering downtime costs and prolonging the building’s lifespan. 

A central Building Management System (BMS) and a mobile application have been developed to provide a one-stop access to all building features for property owners and tenants. Users can monitor their power consumption conveniently, which help reduce energy use and cost, and ultimately benefit sustainability efforts. They can also manage their surroundings, including workspace ambiance, temperature, blinds and CCTV; book meeting rooms; schedule a cleaning service; order food delivery; and explore events that are happening nearby. Furthermore, with an encrypted QR entry system, users can gain quick and secured access to their private workspace as well as managing tenant staff and visitor access.

This is an excerpt. The original article is published in Construction+ Q2 2022 Issue: Technology & Innovation.
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Project Name
LeBond by Beblu
7 Harvey Road, Singapore
Completion Date
December 2021
Site Area
1,199.8 square metres
Gross Floor Area
2,985.34 square metres
Building Height
11 storeys
Number of Rooms
BSMM Pte Ltd
Sustainable Design Architect
Pomeroy Studio
Principal Designer
Rajiv Tewari
Project Architect
Point Architects
Chief Technical Manager
Yoshi Shimada
Interior Design Firm
Pomeroy Studio
Principal Designer
Prof Jason Pomeroy
Civil & Structural Engineer
GKS Consultancy Pte Ltd
Quantity Surveyor
KJS Construction Pte Ltd
Landscape Architect
Pomeroy Studio
Green Building Consultant
Pomeroy Studio
Main Contractor
KJS Construction Pte Ltd
M&E Contractor
KJS Construction Pte Ltd
Beblu; Pomeroy Studio 

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