Technology Centre for Offshore and Marine, Singapore

TCOMS was awarded the BCA Green Mark Platinum

The centre features the first deep-water ocean basin research facility in Singapore equipped with wave and current generation systems, a towing carriage and a movable floor that can submerge 12 metres. The water depth of 50 metres in the centre pit is one of the deepest in the world, allowing simulations of operating environments for offshore platforms, ships and underwater systems in ultra-deep-water settings. 

Sitting within Kent Ridge, the project leveraged the valley in the terrain to reduce earthworks for the basin as the area is being studied as part of the Heritage and Identity Structure Plan by the Urban Redevelopment Authority. Existing large native trees were conserved while rare small trees were transplanted after Environmental Impact Assessment studies were done. Proper pruning, among other measures, were applied in order to ensure all vegetation survived the transplanting process.

To fit the tight site, the original dimensions of the basin were reduced to a smaller yet optimal size while the shell design was simplified—minimising encroachment on the Kent Ridge Forest while meeting the budget for the project. The centre now accommodates offices, dry laboratories, gallery spaces and back of house areas.

Project Name
Technology Centre for Offshore and Marine, Singapore
12 Prince George’s Park, Singapore
Completion Date
Q1 2020
Site Area
2 hectares (National University of Singapore campus)
Gross Floor Area
12,000 square metres
Building Height
4 storeys
National University of Singapore Research Centre
Architecture Firm; Interior Design Firm; Landscape Architect
CPG Signature Pte Ltd
Principal Architect
Ar. Kuan Chee Yung
Principal Designer
Ar. Linda Pang
Civil & Structural Engineer; Green Building Consultant
CPG Consultants Pte Ltd
MEP Engineer
WSP Consultancy
Quantity Surveyor
Rider Levett Bucknall LLP (RLB)
Basin Design Engineer
Edinburgh Designs Ltd
Main Contractor
Lian Soon Construction Pte Ltd
Building Perspective Images
CPG Signature Pte Ltd
Deep Ocean Basin Images
Edinburgh Designs Ltd

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