The Zero Energy and Super Low Energy Buildings at the BCA Braddell Campus

Overview of the BCA Braddell Campus

Three Advanced Construction Technologies for Two Additions at BCA Braddell Campus

The seven-storey mid-rise Zero Energy Building (ZEB) and 16-storey high-rise Super Low Energy Building (SLEB) are two new additions to the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Braddell Campus. These two buildings showcase a collaborative approach utilising integrated digital planning, innovative construction methods, smart building systems and sustainable materials. This enables the buildings to achieve higher construction productivity levels through integrated planning and design, and productive building methods leading to improvements such as tighter floor cycles; and achieve better sustainability performance outcomes. The new buildings are part of the Built Environment Innovation Hub at the BCA Braddell Campus (BEIH), a collaborative space to connect like-minded individuals, showcase innovative technologies, and transfer knowledge and ideas to accelerate the transformation of the built environment sector.

The project is the first of its kind in Singapore, integrating three advanced construction technologies—Mass Engineered Timber (MET), Advanced Precast Concrete System (APCS) and Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC)—at the same site. Collectively, these buildings have become a showcase for the limitless possibilities innovation and engineering can bring, serving as an example to promote broader application across the industry.

These technologies offer a number of advantages, including high levels of off-site prefabrication; shorter on-site construction assembly; improved workmanship; and minimal disruption to surroundings.

For instance, by applying APCS, the project was able to achieve a shorter structural floor cycle of six days when compared to the typical eight- to 10-day cycle. The APCS is a construction method that adopts precast slabs and applies to four features (each with a coverage of at least 65 per cent) under the ‘3S’ principles of Standardisation, Simplicity and Single integrated elements.

Project Name
Zero Energy Mid-Rise Building (ZEB) and Super Low Energy High-Rise Building (SLEB) at Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Braddell Campus
200 Braddell Campus, Singapore
Status of Construction
Site Area
5 hectares
Gross Floor Area
27,500 square metres
Building Height
ZEB: 7 storeys; SLEB: 16 storeys
Architecture Firm
ADDP Architects LLP
Principal Architect
Markus Cheng
Civil & Structural Engineer
ECAS Consultants Pte Ltd
Mechanical & Electrical Engineer
Mott MacDonald Singapore Pte Limited
Green Building Consultant
Energy Research Institute@NTU
Main Contractor
Dragages Singapore Pte Ltd

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