Increased composition fines and demerit points at Silver Zones and School Zones

Image courtesy of LTA

Singapore, 1 June 2021 – The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has announced that from 1 July 2021, penalties for traffic offences in Silver Zones and School Zones will be increased to encourage motorists to drive with extra caution when approaching these areas.

Land Transport Authority (LTA) implements the Silver Zone scheme at residential areas with higher proportions of elderly to make roads safer for them. Most of these zones have a lower speed limit of 40 kilometre/hour and are fitted with road safety features to slow down traffic, as well as wider centre dividers that allow elderly pedestrians to rest momentarily while crossing the road.

For students, the School Zone scheme which has been implemented island-wide, helps to create a safer road environment. Safety measures include traffic signs, road humps and road markings. They remind motorists to slow down near schools.

The traffic police have also adopted a multi-pronged approach to enhance road safety for elderly pedestrians, through public education and engagement targeted at the elderly and general public, along with enforcement measures.

Notwithstanding the current measures, the number of traffic accidents resulting in elderly pedestrian casualties has increased in recent years, from 223 in 2015 to 317 in 2019. Elderly pedestrians continue to account for a disproportionate number of traffic accidents resulting in pedestrian fatalities. In 2020, the elderly made up more than 80 per cent of pedestrian fatalities. While jaywalking by elderly pedestrians contributed to some of these accidents, many also arise from irresponsible driving behaviour on the motorist’s part, such as failing to slow down when approaching a pedestrian crossing.

Senior Minister of State in the Ministry for Sustainability and the Environment and Ministry for Transport, Amy Khor, said, “Road safety is a shared responsibility. We can all play our part by observing traffic regulations, putting safety first at all times, and keeping a careful lookout for one another.”

Under the new regulation, motorists who fail to slow down or give way when approaching pedestrian crossings such as signalised junctions in Silver Zones or School Zones, or those who commit offences such as speeding and driving against the flow of traffic, will be liable for higher demerit points and composition fines.

For example, a motorist who runs a red light, which is a 12-demerit point offence when committed outside a Silver Zone and School Zone, will incur 14 demerit points when committed in a Silver Zone or School Zone. Composition fines for these specified traffic offences committed in Silver Zones and School Zones by S$100.

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Source: MHA; Amy Khor Page