Ng Wai Keong

Ng Wai Keong is the principal director of NWKA Architects Sdn Bhd, an award-winning architecture studio. He has experience in designing and creating boutique homes, niche projects and corporate architecture works.

After graduating from the Welsh School of Architecture in the 1980s, Ng began his practice in England with the SW Thames Regional Health Authority. He participated in corporate architecture projects such as the Merrill Lynch European office projects in the City of London and the Kleinwort Benson Bank during his time with Covell Matthews Wheatley Architects Ltd.

He returned from London in 1987 and formed ACASYS Group—a progressive architectural group—with his partners and together they completed projects such as Proton Centre of Excellence, Tractors Malaysia Berhad Headquarters and Nilai Medical Centre. The company established a firm presence in the marketplace by culminating a series of significant architectural accomplishments.

NWK Chartered Architect was established in 1991 to undertake Ng’s passion for experimental design-orientated projects, which served as a test bed for creativity and ideas. He made a career change in 2006 to redevelop the company into a boutique architectural design house called NWKA Architects Sdn Bhd, which focuses on conceptualising his idea of Success is By Design Philosophy. Now, he plans to accelerate his pursuit to reach the next level of excellence by working on niche projects and believes that success is a process of design excellence.

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