Fendarie Su

Fendarie Su is the founder of Santa Fe Interior Architecture Sdn Bhd, an international award-winning interior design firm. She has experience in crafting distinctive interior solutions and designs and was nominated as one of the Women of Excellence in Malaysia in 2014.

Born and raised in Penang, studied and graduated from Utah State University in the United States of America (USA), Fendarie Su’s interior design career began in the USA, Holland and other countries before settling back in Malaysia.

She formed Santa Fe Interior Architecture Sdn Bhd (Santa Fe) in 2006, which started from a humble corner in her house. The firm was nominated as one of the top 10 best interior architecture companies in Malaysia. Together with her dynamic team who shares the same design philosophy and values, Santa Fe won seven international awards and 32 local awards for different categories of interior design projects. In 2014, she was nominated as one of the Women of Excellence in Malaysia.

Since the beginning, her vision has been “to heighten value of humanity through the boundless creation of profound design concepts”. From small to 500 million dollar projects, she takes pride in completing the interior design of prestigious projects, such as corporate offices, hotels, institutions, restaurants, spa houses, commercial and mixed-use developments. Examples of such projects included Taylor’s Lakeside University, ViTrox Corporation Berhad, Tropicana Corporation, Herbaline Spa & Hotels, KDU Campus, ECM Libra Investment Bank, Titijaya Group, Mines Corporate and Epsom School. Santa Fe also landed projects in the USA, China, Thailand, Abu Dhabi, Singapore and other regions.

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