New HQ For FLP Realty

Date: 24 November 2017
Company: FLP Realty Sdn Bhd

FLP Realty launched its new trendy headquarters in a strategic move to boost the company’s performance and to promote a renaissance of the Malaysian property market.

Costing almost RM3 million, the new office boasts a colourful and multi-faceted ambience, aimed at inspiring creative and productive work and play. The new office features various types, sizes and functionalities of work rooms, spaces, discussion lounges and relaxation areas, with quaint and fun motives, props and accessories, such as a vintage car, billiard table, swings and park benches.

“We like to first provide a dynamic work environment to inspire fresh and creative mindsets. This will be supplemented with on-going trainings, performance-based recognitions and opportunities for advancement to drive us to the forefront of the industry,” said FLP founder and CEO Fallon Loo. Despite challenges in the Malaysian property industry, Loo remains optimistic. “I believe there is still a good market in properties as homes or for investment purposes,” she said. “It is key to anticipate and prepare to embrace any challenges and find ways to circumvent them based on strategies, industrial knowledge, personal values and self-improvement, training, perseverance, etc.”

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