GE Office

To meet the requirements of a ‘global digital industrial’ company, the project team had to fit-out seven floors of office space to house the company’s 1,000 employees over its multiple businesses, including power services, oil and gas, healthcare and lighting.

For agility, five to six different workspace configurations were designed for employee use. These workspaces are filled with non-assigned desks, comprising benches, 120-degree workstations and sit-stand workstations, as well as informal spaces to encourage a collaborative work environment. Ergonomic chairs are used to ensure employees’ wellbeing are not compromised.

To meet the maximum density requirements in Malaysia, each floor is designed to accommodate a maximum of 125 fixed workstations.

Located at Level 38 of the building, the main reception area boasts a futuristic-looking appearance, augmented by two network operations centres and a large integrated touch-screen video wall. Two curved glass meeting rooms at the end point of the reception and waiting area provide a dynamic visitor experience.

A glass-fronted server room housing the latest IT lean technology, and a Tech Café’ are located adjacent to the reception. An annexed area houses various meeting rooms and training facilities, which are visually connected via a company timeline wall.

Acoustic privacy and technology availability were two of the main brief requirements, and this is achieved through the use of double-glazed office front and door solutions for high STC ratings. Within each and every enclosed space, flat-screen technology is used to create a truly connected workforce, while sit-stand desks allow flexibility.

Large graphics depicting the company’s businesses form part of placemaking and brand identity for each of the seven storeys. — Construction+ Online

Project Name: GE Office
Location: Nu Sentral Tower 2, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Completion Date: September 2016
Gross Floor Area: 96,000 square feet
Owner/Client: General Electric (GE)
Architecture Firm: Mui Fong Architect
Project Architect: Mui Fong Architect
Design Consultant: SLA Sdn Bhd
Interior Design Firm: SL+A
Mechanical & Electrical Engineer: MCE Consulting
Main Contractor: ISG Malaysia
Images: Jack Shea (Shea Studio)

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