Progress of Kai Tak Development Area

Kai Tak Development
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The Kai Tak Development is a mammoth plan with a mix of community, housing, commercial, tourism and infrastructure uses. Expected to be completed in the second half of 2023, the project strives to transform Kowloon East into the second Central Business District in Hong Kong by boosting the old industrial areas in Kwun Tong and Kowloon Bay via the new Kai Tak Development Area, combined with the revitalisation policy for industrial buildings and the placemaking approach

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The piling works of the project and the preliminary design have largely been completed, while superstructure works and the detailed design of the project are underway. Currently, the existing supply of commercial gross floor area in Kowloon East has reached about 2.9 million square metres and another one million square metres has been granted the relevant permits or is under construction.

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Kai Tak Sports Park

The Kai Tak Sports Park will include a world-class and all-weather venue accommodating 50,000 spectators for sports competitions and performances, a 10,000-seat indoor sports centre and a 5,000-seat public sports ground. There are also a harbourfront promenade, retail and dining facilities, diverse public spaces and more.

Occupying an urban area of 28 hectares with a HKD31.9 billion construction cost, the Kai Tak Sports Park is a huge investment in sports infrastructure by the Government. It will significantly enhance sports development in Hong Kong upon completion.

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“The commissioning of the Kai Tak Sports Park will enable Hong Kong to host more international competitions, which will be conducive to the professionalisation of sports and the development of the sports industry,” Mrs Lam said.

Kai Tak Sky Garden

Built at the former runway of Kai Tak airport, the Kai Tak Sky Garden is a 1.4 kilometres long multi-purpose elevated landscaped deck that encapsulates the theme of aviation. It is the first sky garden built on noise barriers in Hong Kong, which is in line with the ‘single site, multiple use’ concept and adds another new landmark to the Kai Tak Development Area. It links the mobility to Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, Kai Tak Runway Park, the future Metro Park and Tourism Node development, as well as the planned residential and commercial developments on both sides of the garden.

Kai Tak Sky Garden

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Kai Tak River Improvement Works

Kai Tak River improvement works have enhanced the drainage capacity of the river and the injection of greening and ecological elements into the waterway. The Drainage Services Department also makes use of technology to monitor the water level of the river and rainfall in the neighbouring areas to mitigate flooding risks to the roads in the vicinity.

Kai Tak River

“The Kai Tak Development Area is also an important component of the Energizing Kowloon East Project announced by the Government in 2011. I express my gratitude to various sectors in the community and the relevant departments for their hard work in participating in the construction of the Kai Tak Development Area. It will be a liveable place for over 130,000 residents and provides a quality working environment for the 110,000-strong workforce,” close Mrs Lam. — Construction+ Online وان ایکس بت بت فوروارد