DEVB, ICAC and CIC Launched Integrity Charter to Promote Integrity Management in Construction Industry

Te Permanent Secretary for Development (Works), Lam Sai-hung, speaking at the launching ceremony

Hong Kong, 24 September 2021 — The Development Bureau (DEVB), the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) and the Construction Industry jointly launched the Integrity Charter to promote integrity management in the construction industry.

Speaking at the launching ceremony, the Permanent Secretary for Development (Works), Lam Sai-hung, said that the DEVB has all along been putting great emphasis on construction industry players’ integrity. With a view to fostering integrity management in the construction sector and enhancing the quality of the approved public works contractors and specialist contractors, compliance with integrity requirements has been included as one of the admission requirements for the approved lists of public works contractors as promulgated in January 2021.

He expressed gratitude to the ICAC for its advice given to the DEVB in formulating such requirements for raising the industry’s awareness on integrity management. He said he was also pleased to know that the CIC would include integrity management as one of the requirements in its Registered Specialist Trade Contractors Scheme.

By early September, more than 300 approved contractors had submitted their integrity management policies to the DEVB. With the concerted efforts of the DEVB, the ICAC and the CIC as well as other industry players on promoting integrity management, the professional image of Hong Kong’s construction industry will be enhanced.

Details of the Integrity Charter are available on the CPAS website. — Construction+ Online