Ocean Park Marriott

Located in the Southern District of Hong Kong and with only 6 minutes away from the city centre by MTR, the Ocean Park Marriott Hotel provides convenient accommodation for guests for business or vacation, creating a premier international resort destination for Hong Kong.

To respect and address the sensitive context of the site which is located at Ocean Park’s entrance, the hotel’s massing has been broken down into three L-shaped blocks which are meticulously positioned together to create a private landscape and pool oasis at the heart of the project.

The hotel boasts 471 rooms, which are divided into the three blocks and operationally interconnected by a multi-level podium, housing multi-functional banquet halls, health and fitness centres, and the pool. Guests arrive either through a footbridge connecting them conveniently from the MTR to the reception at the podium level or they can access the complex by vehicle at the lower podium level, where a dramatic seamless drum aquarium visually connects the multiple levels of the reception area. At the podium level of each hotel blocks, restaurants are situated on the landscaped deck, creating opportunities for alfresco dining.

Project Name

Ocean Park Marriott
Hong Kong, China
Design & Project Architect
Gross Floor Area
33,947 square metres/471 rooms
Design Director
Max Connop & Albert Tong
Project Director
Stephen Cheng