Relocation of Shatin Sewage Treatment Works to Caverns

Implementation of DWSS in underground space

The Use of Engineering and Digital Technologies in Hong Kong’s Largest Cavern Development Project to Date

The existing Sha Tin Sewage Treatment Works (STSTW) has been in operation since 1982. It is the largest secondary sewage treatment works in Hong Kong, currently serving a population of about 690,000 in Sha Tin and Ma On Shan districts, treating about 280,000 cubic metres of sewage per day. The future cavern complex for the relocated STSTW will be the largest of its type ever built in Hong Kong.

Rock cavern development is one of the local government’s multi-pronged strategies to increase land supply and is of great importance to the city’s long-term development. Upon completion, 28 hectares of land will be released for other beneficial uses, mainly for innovation and technology development. The project can also address other issues related to ageing of facilities, and bring improvement to odour management and landscape surrounding the existing sewage treatment works.

About 28 hectares of land will be released for other beneficial uses upon project completion

Various innovative engineering and digital technologies have been applied in this on-going project:

  • Measurement-while-drilling system
  • Mixed-reality head-mounted display
  • Smart supervision and site safety systems
  • Site-specific 5G network

Apart from these advanced technologies, the project team has also been actively exploring the adoption of vibration-resistant sprayed concrete, an advanced material capable of resisting vibration during blasting operation, in this project. Sprayed concrete lining formed by this material could be considered as part of the permanent support, hence bringing overall cost and time saving benefits to the project.

Project Name
Relocation of Shatin Sewage Treatment Works to Caverns
Nui Po Shan, Shatin, Hong Kong
Expected Completion
Site Area
14 hectares
Drainage Services Department
Principal Designer; Civil & Structural Engineer; Mechanical & Electrical Engineer
Main Constructor
China State – Alchmex Joint Venture
Drainage Services Department

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