MTR commission new signalling system and trains on East Rail Line

Image by chalrumpon onnongwa/Shutterstock

The MTR Corporation announced the commissioning of the new signalling system and gradual introduction of new 9-car trains on the East Rail Line (EAL) on Friday, 11 September 2020. The train service on EAL will remain normal with the existing signalling system and 12-car trains. The project is scheduled to be held over on starting on Saturday, 12 September 2020.

To ensure smooth operation for passenger service, the corporation conducted a final review of the new system prior to service commencement. The review took note of an unsatisfactory performance of route setting occurred during testing which may lead to a possible scenario of a train traveling to a destination that is different from its planned route. This has no impact on safety and the possibility of occurrence is low. Based on an evaluation, the engineering team had considered to implement corresponding operational measures. Yet in the final review, the corporation decided to optimize the system and arrangements instead, in order to better ensure smooth and reliable operations of the new signalling system.

The replacement of the signalling system is a large-scale and complex project involving tens of thousands of electronic components. Stringent and comprehensive testing and drills had been repeatedly carried out for the new signalling system and trains, with various scenarios simulated to test the safety and stability of the new system. MTR personnel have also been conducting various drills and familiarizing with the relevant codes of practice to best prepare for the system changeover.

“The replacement of the signalling system is a complex project. We will ensure operations of the new system are smooth and sound, to provide safe and reliable service to passengers,” said Mr Sammy Wong, Chief of Operating of MTR Corporation.

The Corporation will announce the new service commencement date of the new signalling system and trains in due course. — Construction+ Online