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Storage space and security are major concerns in the operation of a fitness centre. The Gantner electronic locking system is the leading international contactless near-field communication (NFC) hardware application in the global leisure industry. Combined with third party management software, Gantner creates an NFC environment to operate with single NFC credential that can be either a member card or waterproof wristband. Members can check in at the front desk using a personalised wristband and it can be worn at all times within the area. The application of the Gantner electronic locking system includes fitness centres, attraction and water parks, public pools and spas, hospitals, universities and libraries, commercial industry and even activity-based workspaces.

The Gantner electronic locking system can effectively improve facility management and user experience through the integrated lock control and management solution. With biometric verification, the security of the facility can be upgraded to another level and at the same time, retaining streamline operations and reducing staff demands and operation costs as it offers automated check-ins.

By limiting access to VIP zones or special areas, members can enjoy more privacy and better control of group training classes. Due to the rapid development of NFC technology, Gantner can be synchronised with mobile phones for locking lockers and taking attendances.

Gantner Mobile Check In – Using NFC technology of Android phones to check in and out of facilities

Operators can enjoy a superior locker room management experience through the networked electronic locker system. With one simple click, they can monitor the real-time situation of every single locker and manage their status effectively. It is also compatible from latest networked fitness experience to ultimate user experience such that the system itself is the best solution to customer retention and effective marketing. Members can record their workout summary through the data carrier. After connecting to a point of sale (POS) system, customers can enjoy cashless payment by simply showing their data carrier, which is ideal for the operators to boost income and secondary revenue.

ME Group Asia Ltd., a subsidiary company of ME Fitness Ltd., is the distributor of the Gantner electronic locking system in Hong Kong and Macau region. The name “ME” stands for “member experience”, which also implies the company’s mission to ensure that both members and operators are happy with their products and services.

ME comprises a team of experts with more than 30 years of experience within the health and fitness industry, providing tailor-made solutions with hi-tech, state-of-the-art equipment for more than 100,000 fitness centres and clubs. The company provides comprehensive packages with equipment for gyms and their members, and improves operation management within its facilities.

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