Programmable Thermostat and Self-Regulating Floor Heating Cable

T2Red is a self-regulating floor heating cable for low profile installations. Due to its self-regulating effect, the cable can be applied under any type of floor surface without risk of overheating. It is ideal for improving living comfort in the entire house, from children’s rooms to bathrooms and kitchens. It heats up slowly to ensure that the flooring (such as wood) is not damaged by abrupt temperature changes. It also provides a uniform heat distribution across the entire floor.

The design phase
• Easy design: one heating cable for all room shapes
• Flexible planning and changeable interior design at all times
• Ideal for renovation due to its low profile (approximately 8 mm)
• Compatible with all stable subfloors e.g. concrete, anhydrite, asphalt, plaster, ceramitic subfloor, wooden subfloors (with maximum heat transfer resistance of 0.15 m2K/W)
• Following floorings can be applied:
Tiles, marble, stones maximum 30 mm thickness λ-value 1.0 W/mK
Parquet maximum 16 mm thickness λ-value 0.14 W/mK
Carpet maximum 10 mm thickness λ-value 0.09 W/mK

The installation phase
• Heating cable is cut to length and therefore flexible to adapt to the room shape
• Heating cable can be spliced and crossed without risk of overheating
• No cold lead needed; easy connection

The application
• Due to the self-regulating effect, there is no risk of overheating under carpets, furniture, etc.
• Automatic self-regulating output depending on environment (more output in cold zones and less output in warm zones)
• Low energy consumption with use of thermostat
• No measurable electro-magnetic fields due to the heating cable
• Long life and maintenance-free

The Green Leaf thermostat is an in-wall mounted programmable thermostat for electrical floor heating. It can work in floor sensing mode, room sensing mode, and room sensing mode with floor temperature limiter.

• Automatic sensor mode selection (floor or room)
• Large clear display
• Intelligent leaf button
– Changing from one operation mode to the other
– Turning the thermostat on/off
– Saving changes
– Energising the thermostat when in standby mode (motion sensing technology)
• Built-in four event timer function
• Two operation modes
– Manual on/off program (one temperature set-point)
– One editable pre-program (four temperature set-points per day)
• Easy navigation

Operation sensor mode
• Room sensing only
• Floor sensing only
• Room sensing mode with floor temperature limiter

T2Red self-regulating floor heating cable

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