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Window treatment does not only serve a decorative purpose, but also controls glare, natural light and heat penetration. The openness of the fabric regulates the transparency of the blind, which also facilitates different levels of landscape visibility.

Nicedrape offers one-stop shading system solutions, from blind system design and styling proposal to site evaluation, flexible system fabrication, installation and project management. It does not only sell window treatment products, but also assists clients with a wide range of project experience, from hotel and commercial to residential and clubhouse, etc.

The shading system solutions stand out among Nicedrape’s selection of products. All types of motorised blinds can be operated through preprogrammed settings in different zones at various locations, according to customers’ requirements. Users can regulate their own environment by setting their preferred light ambience.

Maintaining views while reducing glare and heat
The Silverscreen 3805 Fabric is a distinctive, ultra-fine metallized backing fabric with three major benefits: glare control, heat control and maintaining views of the outdoors.
• Glare control: The contrast level of illumination and light between the window and interior lighting is lowered, reducing occupants’ eyestrain and disability glare—the degradation of visual performance due to the presence of a bright light source.
• Heat control: The distinct aluminium packing on the back of the fabric reflects solar radiation, hence reducing interior heat gain caused by direct sunlight. This also lessens the cooling load and the amount of ozone depleting substances released into the atmosphere.
• View of the outdoors: Maintaining a good view is important for occupant well-being and increasing productivity. Silverscreen 3805 is semi-transparent and capable of reducing diffused light while maintaining views for occupants.

40 years of experience Nicedrape has led the window treatment industry with 40 years of experience in enhancing shading systems. Nicedrape offers a line of window treatment products that meet the comprehensive needs of today’s most discerning designers and end-users. Its professional shading control systems are durable, intelligent, multifunctional and environmentally friendly—the vital elements in enhancing interiors.

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