Extreme Performance With The Latest Chipset

Hanwha Techwin, a leader in global security, is launching the Wisenet X surveillance camera series, with its latest embedded, self-developed system-on-chip (SoC) sensor node, the Wisenet 5.

“The Wisenet 5 is our latest SoC with extremely high performance,” says Lee Man-Seob, President and CEO of the Hanwha Techwin Security Sector. “It’s the core of Hanwha Techwin’s competitiveness.” The Wisenet X series is the first product range to use this single-chip solution. “Our new 5-megapixel and 2-megapixel camera line-ups will redefine industry standards, not only with clear images, but also with much faster image processing and upgraded functions,” Lee adds.

The Wisenet X series provides 150dB wide dynamic range (WDR), image stabilisation using gyro sensors, and clear images 24 hours a day, based on improved low-light performance. Using WiseStream II, Hanhwa Techwin’s original compression technology, the Wisenet X series delivers high-capacity and stable video. Its variety of video and audio analytics provide enhanced monitoring solutions.

By adding the Wisenet X series to the recently released Q and P series, Hanwha Techwin has now established a full line-up of cameras, from an affordable entry-level, to competitive, high-performance products that will satisfy the needs of projects and customers in all areas of video surveillance. Hanwha Techwin plans to continue investing aggressively in their businesses, especially in the areas of development and marketing.

150dB WDR offers clear images without motion blurriness
The existing WDR image is captured by composing two frames with different exposures, but the Wisenet X series with 150dB WDR uses four frames for a more natural image. This new technology removes motion blurriness (a critical weakness of WDR) to provide vivid and clear images.

More accurate stabilisation using gyro sensors
Gyro sensors have been added to the technology used in existing cameras for more accurate stabilisation, which comes into effect when a camera is disturbed by wind or vibrations.

Monitor colour images, even in low-light
With the new SoC and Hanwha Techwin’s outstanding lens technology, images can be monitored in low-light environments without infrared LED. Vivid images can now be captured regardless of the environment or time of day.

Up to 99 percent less data using WiseStream II
Hanwha Techwin’s WiseStream II video compression technology reduces data usage by up to 99 percent compared to the previous H.265 compression. The costs of configuring and maintaining the system are also greatly reduced, without compromising image quality.

More diverse analytics
The Wisenet X series offers many useful analytic functions. The audio analytics function recognises critical sounds, such as gunshots, explosions, screams and broken windows, and immediately issues an alarm. Other features such as the queue management function can analyse queues generated in a market or bank, for example, for more efficient management.

Dual SD slots and USB installation for added convenience
Using an onboard USB port, the Wisenet X series cameras can be connected to mobile devices via Wi-Fi. View angles can be checked immediately after installation on a smartphone, without any add-ons. Dual SD slots allow up to 512 gigabytes to be saved to the camera automatically, which keeps data safe in the event of an unstable network.

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