Stylish Space Management Systems

Conventional wall partitions are useful for its flexibility in dividing up space for various functions and uses. But they can be clunky and not very effective in cutting off noise from both sides.

The innovative Advanced Equipment STC48 ASTM E-90 acoustic operable partitions are the solution for multi-functional and spatially efficient management. Its three elegant and precision-engineered movable and impermeable glass wall systems emphasise aesthetics, acoustics, flexibility and reliability, with a choice of custom colours and finishes.

The Classic movable glass wall is versatile and matches well with any combinations of finishes or decor. The sound-insulating single or double glazed panels bring ambient daylight into partitioned rooms with optimal acoustic performance. The operable partitions are made of opaque plaster boards and aluminium frames.

The Stylish operable glazed glass partition is an innovation with a minimal 15 millimetre-aluminium stile, wrapped around the panel edges as a protective trim. Minimising the frames creates a lightweight and contemporary appearance, without sacrificing acoustic performance.

The fully glazed, frameless acoustic movable Neoteric partition system successfully blends contemporary aesthetics with weatherproof and soundproof performance. The insulated glass panels boast ‘invisible’ concealed stainless steel frames, yet the Neoteric partition is robust enough to meet stringent legislative and technical requirements.

About the company
United Power Engineering & Construction Ltd is a leading supplier of space management systems. Its expertise in the design and construction of operable partitions stretches to many areas within the industry, covering a multitude of installation requirements and customised designs and finishes, including solutions for soundproof or weatherproof partitioning needs.

United Power provides professional consultation and design assistance to architects, designers, developers and contractors, in addition to reputable installation and maintenance works.

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