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NBK’s TERRART is a ventilated curtain wall/rainscreen system with exposed components made exclusively from terracotta.

Since its founding in 1927, NBK has pursued progress through a diversity of products, building a strong record of façade innovation and collaboration along the way. Traditional craft methods refined over decades—combined with cutting-edge manufacturing techniques— have led to high-performance façade panels that blend beautiful materials with the latest technology in ventilated rainscreen façades.

NBK’s dedication to research and development inspires material engineers and master manufacturers to develop processes that constantly test new materials and glazes in combination with firing techniques and production methods to ensure tiles meet exacting project requirements for design and performance.

With its Large, Mid and Shingle ranges, the versatile NBK system offers architects maximum scope for creativity. Purpose-made project-specific developments provide designers with boundless options. Enthusiastic architects draw inspiration from components whose shape, colour and finish may be suitably orchestrated to product striking façade designs.

The NBK façade system is designed and engineered based on the rainscreen principle. The design allows for air to flow through open joints to balance air pressure and minimise water penetration. Back ventilation assists in maintaining a dry cavity and negates the build-up of hot air.

Product Overview
All NBK terracotta products are manufactured with state-of-the-art firing techniques and production methods. Carefully selected pure clay provides raw materials with the highest mechanical properties and structural behaviours. NBK offers a wide variety of standard colours, textures and glazes, as well as endless customisation possibilities. NBK terracotta products minimises life-cycle environmental impacts, improves a building’s overall comfort and health, and are 100 percent recyclable.

Reduction Fired
NBK’s reduction firing technique reduces oxygen in the firing process to give terracotta tiles a unique metallic appearance. The metallic expression of reduction fired tiles varies depending on the light, much like their metal counterparts, while retaining the durability and weather-resistant qualities of terracotta. Diverse metallic colours, from grey tones to deep red hues, create colour variation and visually contrasting facades.

Glazes and engobes
Glaze finishes, available in different gloss levels, from matte to high gloss, as well as a broad range of colours, create lively and unique façade designs. Glazes are single or double fired. Double firing increases colour options and allows for glazed edges.

Engobe finishes also provide additional colour options for façades. This cost-effective solution, available in matte and semi-gloss, features white or coloured slip-clay coating applied to the clay body to impart colours or textures. All glaze and engobe finishes are durable and add to the overall resiliency against the elements.

NBK tiles can achieve compelling visual effects with profiled surface grooves and textures. Standard textures come in a range of designs, including Natural, Fine Combed, Medium Combed and Wire Struck. All textures can be applied to any colour; additional custom-texture solutions are available on a project basis.

Since joining the Hunter Douglas Group in 2007, NBK has invested heavily in its manufacturing facilities and significantly increased its global capabilities. Today, architects increasingly specify NBK and its hallmark TERRART system, creating durable, high-performing façades for a wide range of projects around the world, from recladding and restoration of existing structures to construction of inspiring new building designs.

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