CSCI Obtained Certification from the CIC’s Sustainable Finance Certification Scheme

Mr Zhou Hancheng (right) and Mr Hung Cheung Shew (left) attended the ceremony.

Hong Kong, 16 November 2021 — China State Construction International (CSCI) Holdings Limited announced the Group’s recognition on the Hong Kong Construction Industry Council’s Sustainable Finance Certification Scheme (SFCS) and is one of the first 16 organisations to be certified.

This certification further demonstrates the Group’s leading position in sustainability. It also means that the Group meets the international and Hong Kong local ESG standards and the bank’s criteria for ESG products, so the certification is a sound foundation for the development of sustainable financing. Mr Zhou Hancheng, Executive Director and Financial Controller and Mr Hung Cheung Shew, Executive Director and Vice President attended the SFCS launching ceremony.

Recently, the Group secured two sustainability-linked loans for the first time with this certification. The interest rates are pegged to the Group’s ESG performance metrics. If the pre-determined targets are achieved, the interest of the loan will be reduced. The Group will proactively adopt various Green financial tools to continuously improve its sustainability performance.

In order to cooperate with “Hong Kong’s Climate Action Plan 2050” published by the Government of the HKSAR and promote Hong Kong a sustainable Green city, the Hong Kong Construction Industry Council launched the “Sustainable Finance Certification Scheme”, which provides the construction industry with a common framework and a transparent evaluation system. SFCS facilitates the construction industry, including developers, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, etc., to conduct sustainability assessment and certification of construction projects and building materials, improves the access to Green finance, and eventually helps the industry develop more Green and sustainable projects. — Construction+ Online