Beijing Daxing International Airport

The aerial footage of Beijing Daxing International Airport; Image by KILOVISION/Shutterstock

Beijing Daxing International Airport is a new airport in the Daxing district, 46 kilometres south of the city centre. Developed to alleviate congestion at the capital’s existing airport, Beijing Daxing will be a major transport hub for the region with the world fastest growing demand for international travel and is fully integrated within the country’s expanding transport network.

With a complex and massive undertaking constructed in just five years, Beijing Daxing Airport is not only a new landmark for China but also an object lesson in selfless collaborative working.

The compact radial design of the airport terminal allows a maximum number of aircraft to be parked directly at the terminal with minimum distances from the centre of the building, providing exceptional convenience for passengers and flexibility in operations. Seventy-nine gates with airbridges connected directly to the terminal which can rapidly process the passengers of six full A380 aircraft simultaneously.

Five aircraft piers radiate directly from the terminal main central court where all passenger services and amenities are located, minimising passengers walking distance through the airport without the need for automated shuttle trains. The terminal’s compact design minimises distances between check-in and gate, as well as connections between gates for transferring passengers. This configuration ensures the farthest boarding gate can be accessed in a walking time of less than 8 minutes.

The roof of the building is a large-span and complex hyperboloid steel grid structure covering over 350,000 square metres and containing more than 170,000 steel members. It is supported by giant C-shape columns seamlessly connecting with the roof curvature.

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Taking advantage of in-house developed software, the engineers studied the structural configuration, loading, vertical support system reactions and the structural deflection and displacement. A total of 420 load combinations were considered and 38 different cross section sizes were employed in the superstructure to improve the roof truss patterns and structural efficiency, resulting in significant cost saving and reduction in carbon…more

Project Name
Beijing Daxing International Airport
Daxing District, Beijing, China
Completion Date
Gross Floor Area
Passenger Terminal: 700,000 square metres;
Ground Transportation Centre: 80,000 square metres
Building Height
45 metres (height of
central dome skylight)
72 million passenger per year by 2025 (63,000 flights per year on 4 runways);
Expanding to 100 million passengers annually and 4 million tonnes of cargo annually
Architecture Firm
Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) & ADP Ingeniérie (ADPI)
Zaha Hadid & Patrik Schumacher
Project Director
Cristiano Ceccato, Charles Walker & Mouzhan Majidi
Project Architect
Lydia Kim
Local Design Institutes
Beijing Institute of Architecture & Design (BIAD) and China Airport Construction Company (CACC)
Consortium Team (Competition Stage)
Pascall + Watson, BuroHappold Engineering, Mott Macdonald, EC Harris Consultants, McKinsey & Company, Dunnett Craven, Triagonal, Logplan, Sensing Places & SPADA
Security System + Baggage Systems Design
China IPPR International Engineering Co Ltd
Information and Weak Power Systems Design
China Electronics Engineering Design Institute and Civil Aviation Electronic Technology Co Ltd
Fire Performance Design
Green Technology
Beijing TsingHua TongHeng Urban Planning and Design Institute
BIM Design
DTree Ltd
Architecture Facade
XinShan Curtainwall Ltd; Beijing Institute of Architectural Design (Group) Co Ltd Complex Structure Division
Metro System
Lighting Consultant
Gala Lighting Design Studio
Landscape Consultant
Beijing Institute of Architectural Design (Group) Co Ltd (BIAD) Landscape Design Division
Zaha Hadid Architects Photography by Hufton+Crow