Shynh House Centre

A curved concrete staircase, angled glass panes and a stylised butterfly wing exterior façade transform an old building into a luxurious spa in Ho Chi Minh City.

“The brand identity, as well as the look and feel of the building, is derived from the idea of transformation, and expressed as stylised butterfly wings, says Jade Nguyễn Kim Ngọc, design director of Module K.

The Shynh House Centre – Beauty Cosmetic & Spa is located at a busy intersection in the city, set among rows of trees and the typical Vietnamese jumble of building styles and cables.

The original five-storey building has a typical office façade, with small windows and a nondescript appearance. A laser-cut perforated aluminium exterior screen is added as a filter and ‘second skin’ to the entire face of the building. Comprising a series of layers of membranes and perforated metal, the design evokes the idea of a butterfly, a theme that repeats in details such as door handles and mirrors.

The screen also filters the light and views and brings a serene atmosphere to the interior spaces. At night, the building lights up like a lantern to showcase its transformation into a beautiful sculpture.

To bring natural daylight and ventilation to the indoor space, a series of courtyards has been cut into the building and wrapped with curved glass. These angled glass walls enhance the outlook of the tree canopy and cleverly limit the view of the tangle of outside wiring. The floors and treatment rooms gently curve and create alternating open and intimate spaces.

The interior materials are a rich blend of modern and Indochine elements, along with natural high-quality materials, such as terrazzo floors and panelled wood walls, to complement the high-tech spa equipment. — Construction+ Online

Project Name: Shynh House Centre
Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Completion Date: 2018
Client: Shynh Group
Gross Floor Area: 1,000 square metres
Building Height: 5 storeys
Interior Design Firm: Module K & partner
Design Team: Jade Nguyen; Huy Anh; Tri Vo; Nam Tran; Nghia Dinh & Associates
Images: Do Sy