Tianjin Holiday Inn

Located in the centre of the historical and cultural city of Tianjin, this hotel project aims to create a precedent for international brand hotels in the area.

The literary and historical heritage of the city and the essence of its landscapes are integrated into the interior design of the space.

The reception area is enclosed in shallow wood, presenting neatness and warmth. The grey lacquer glass reception counter imparts industry style to simplicity and quietness.

The style of space meets a drastic change as one moves from the reception to the lobby lounge, which is designed to blend the natural image of the forest and the port culture. The ceiling board is coated with aluminium plates, while pierced holes in the plates show various arrangements of spaces with parameter-based design. The illumination from lights inside reproduces a mysterious forest landscape. Walls of the lounge are decorated with pierced aluminium plates to continue the visual experience. The green patterns on the carpet demonstrate the hotel’s vibrant brand image.

In the central recreation area of the lounge, glass ball chandeliers outline the rhythm-like charms of the rise and fall of tides, just like the glittering and gentle ripples of the calm sea. The tailored long timber table becomes the visual centre of the space. The rich colours inspired from shipping containers and the scattered bright-coloured chairs bring elegance and warmth to this little space.

The arrangement of furniture and furnishings are inspired by the thick industrial culture of the port. The variegated colours, the mortise-tenon connections of sofa frames, and the common glass ball lights in the industrial port are all telling details in the rough design. Modular furniture defines the boundaries of space, while creating a relaxing atmosphere. Shelves conceal the original three load-bearing pillars to fit into the overall visual experience. The wall paintings and artwork showing landscape of the city to further improve the artistic atmosphere of the space.

With elegant and solemn cultural tones, the dining hall brings back the history of Tianjin. The vintage block floor creates the exquisite feeling of ancient foreign-style houses. Bright-coloured glass on the buffet table depict the coloured windows on boats of olden times. Below the table, unique metal texture and industrial expressions are designed with elements of shipping containers. The original huge load-bearing pillars of the building have been reconstructed into display racks, with bird cages and dim sum steamers.

In the guestrooms, bright-coloured carpets enrich the vitality of the space. The locker room and rest room are designed based on habits of users and ergonomics for both physical and psychological comfort.

Project name: Tianjin Holiday Inn
Area: 16,394 square metres
Client: Rongqiao Real Estate
Architecture Firm: BLVD
Designer: Liu Honglei
Participant Designers: Yang Yuxin, Liang Xiaomei
Images: BLVD