TAC cope with large-scale public order events on MTRCL

On 17 December 2019, the Hong Kong Government briefed the Transport Advisory Committee (TAC) on the measures and train service arrangements implemented by the MTR Corporation Limited (MTRCL) to cope with large-scale public order events since June 2019.

The Government regulates the MTRCL to provide safe railway services. The MTRCL has to take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of passengers, staff and the railway, in response to recent and continuous vandalism of station facilities. In response to recent public order events, the MTRCL has strengthened its related manpower, installed and strengthened various facilities at stations in order to enhance station security.

Relevant government departments requested the MTRCL to take all necessary corresponding actions, including conducting safety risk assessments of railway stations, facilities and operations; reviewing existing designs, procedures and arrangements for handling emergencies; and making necessary improvements and conducting drills to address possible situations and minimise the possible impact on the safety of railway operations due to public order events.

“Members noted the major principles governing train service arrangements during large-scale public order events, and learnt that the relevant government departments and the MTRCL would, with safety being the top priority, continue to assess the risk of upcoming public order events, make suitable operating arrangements and provide safe services to the public as far as practicable,” said Professor Stephen Cheung, The TAC Chairman. — Construction+ Online