Growing Of Things

Looking back again to grass-roots handicrafts in Chinese folk society in a bygone age, designers wonder if natural dialogue and blending with advanced modern space can be sought to re-embrace those handicrafts that spark humanistic instinct on the ground of modern space in China. It is an experience on creating the space for Chinese folk arts and crafts, a “weaving” activity originated from Chinese soil, and an organic visual form that is like growing of things.

Designer organised a group of amateur craftsmen and inspired them to create such works proactively through encouragements and on-site practice, which mainly focus on creation of works so that these amateurs can regain their self-confidence. In the past folk life of China, weaving was a common household handicraft offering a large number of assortments, nor seen so exquisite as the weaving objects by craftsmen for the wealth but are absolutely out of the basic need for survival, or instinct.

Despite the constraints of limited capital budget, short construction period and strict transition requirements for fire protection. The biggest challenge is that the workers do not understand the configuration of design art well. A group of unskilled workers are mobilized to weave such a spatial form with most native approach and unremitting efforts, all from their memory of weaving handicraft as they did on their native soil. The exquisite form is also freely figured out by these people, who should be actively encouraged to become bold in making the weaving objects that stay in their memory of their past, despite misgivings. Like a director’s instruction on playing the role, these temporary workers are propelled to find their own inspiration, with a continual drive only by encouraging saying such as “you can” and “you can get it done”.

What the designers did for the space was to gather the workers without special ability, devoting to work and put their roles into good use, giving them natural power to be aroused souls dancing wildly as everything on earth grows. Nobody can control what it could be whilst a high, huge and complex main architectural structure were instantly produced on spot at the beginning. In the light of functional demands, they were “weaved” like bacteria and mould sticking on the surface of such a structure from which both the origin and present condition are visible. As things grow by replying on the soil, so is the space. It looks like anything you are looking for. It’s gazing at the native soil of China and looking back to things much about the state of true feeling, life, nature, and largely concerning the era people live in, as well as their reflection on and inspection of this industry today. Just as Su Dongpo said, “many movements rise from static, myriad visions rise from the void”.

Project Name: Growing Of Things
Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Completion Date: April 2018
Gross Floor Area: 400 square metres
Building Height: 10.4 metres
Client/Owner/Developer: Ziyuan Culture
Design Architect: Yu Feng
Interior Design Firm: Deve build
Principal Designer: Yu Feng
Lighting Consultant: Yu Feng
Landscape Architect: Yu Feng
Images: Maggie

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