Construction Machinery Operation Competition to promote safety awareness and professional skills

The Construction Industry Council (CIC) held the second “Construction Industry Machinery Operation Competition” award ceremony to raise the industry’s safety awareness and professional skills in machinery operation on 12 January 2020. The competition attracted 31 company teams to sign up and was closed on 4 January 2020 at the Hong Kong Construction Institute-Tai Po Training Ground.

The awards were presented to the winning teams by Mr. Hu Weixiong as Acting Deputy Director of Labour Department (Occupational Safety and Health), and Mr. Chen Jiaju Chairman of the Construction Industry Council, and Dr. Wong Jun Wah, Dean of the Hong Kong Institute of Construction, as engineers and industry representatives.

The competition was divided into six categories, which were gantry crane operation competition, small loader operation competition, truck crane operation competition, tower crane operation competition, crawler crane operation competition and tire crane operation competition, and through various types of mechanical operation competitions. The cross-sections had allowed practitioners to learn skills from each other.

This competition was judged by industry professionals from the Development Bureau, Labour Department, Hong Kong Housing Authority, Occupational Safety and Health Council, Hong Kong Construction Association, Hong Kong Construction Industry Federation, Hong Kong Professional Lifting Federation, Hong Kong Tower Crane Federation and Hong Kong Build a college.

“The council has vigorously promoted the Assembly and Synthesis building method (MiC) in recent years. The use of MiC requires a large amount of accurate lifting work, which requires a team of experienced professional machine operation technicians and machine maintenance personnel. The council hopes that biennial machinery operation competition will help raise both construction industry practitioners’ professional level and safety awareness and the public’s awareness and interest in construction machinery,” Mr Chen Jiaju speaking at the award ceremony.

According to Mr Chen, the council has also been committed to promoting professional training and development. The Hong Kong Institute of Construction will provide a certificate course for the assembly of assembled composite components to train workers and site management staff in a more systematic, professional and close to technology development. — Construction+ Online

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