Gravity: Retail Project for Aesop

This student project features a modular pop-up store of a famous skincare company that is easily dis- and re-assembled within a mall setting.

This pop-up store is designed with a transparent dome that attention-grabbing in an open concept mall and allows more natural daytime lighting.

The dome shape also demonstrates the natural pull of gravity, which the project design is based on. Hanging lights and products hanging off a natural oak wood tree structure suggest a sense of floating, while the shape of the product counter is designed with the intention of movement.

The whole store structure exudes a sense of modernity with an interior design that creates a pleasant sensory experience for customers. Designed in modular form, the store has six zones for different product types, a consultation counter and cashier. Strategically placed close to each other, the proximity allows staff to easily manage the store and serve customers.

Products are displayed on island shelving to allow customers to walk around easily, while storage is integrated around the display shelving and counter. An LED screen is placed behind the cashier to promote the brand and products.

Although this is only a proposal project, the materials and finishes have been evaluated by local FF&E suppliers and lighting specialists. This project won the Bronze Award in the Best Retail Award category of the Design Excellence Awards 2017 by Interior Design Confederation Singapore.

Student Name: Aung Naing Linn
School: Raffles College of Higher Education
Programme: Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Interior Design
Instructors: Louis Albert Dube
Project Name: Gravity: Retail Project for Aesop
Location: Suntec City, Singapore
Images: Raffles College of Higher Education وان ایکس بت بت فوروارد